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The Contributions Network Project (CNP) is an initiative of the Ministry of Finance for the electronic submission of returns and epayment of tax and contributions. It allows submission with confidentiality and security while eliminating paper returns/ payments, and physical movement to Government Departments.

The following returns and corresponding taxes are submitted to the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

• Value Added Tax
• Pay As You Earn
• Corporate Tax (Companies, Banks, Insurance, Trusts)
• Tax Deduction at Source
• Passenger Fee
• Advance Payment Scheme
• Gaming and Betting Tax
• Racing

The following contributions are submitted to the Ministry of Social Security.

• National Pension Fund
• National Solidarity Fund
• HRDC Contributions
  • M_11022015    Notice to Tax Payers

    Tax Returns online via MNS

    Dear valued users,

    Kindly note that as from 1st April 2015, facility to create, retrieve, view, print and submit Tax returns
    online via MNS will be available for current and previous three (3) years ONLY.

    You have therefore until 31st March, 2015, to print a copy of older returns for your records, if required.

    MNS (11/02/2015)

  • N_14012015    Notice to Tax Payers

    NPF/NSF Ceilings

    MSS (14/01/2015)

  • M_07012015    Notice to Tax Payers

    Return of Employees and TDS Yearly 2014

    Filing of Return of Employees and TDS Yearly return for Income Year 2014 is now available.

    CSV Format and Guidelines can be downloaded below,

    Return of Employees 2014  CSV Format   Guidelines

    TDS Yearly Return 2014  CSV Format   Guidelines

    Deadline date for both returns is on 16 Feb 2015 ,

    MNS (07/01/2015)

  • M_19122014    Notice to Tax Payers

    Surcharge on Unpaid MNS Invoices

    Click here to view/download the notice

    MNS (19/12/2014)

  • M_01012012    Notice to Tax Payers

    Cut off time for payments to avoid penalties and interest

    Commercial banks have a cut off time
    of 15:00 on the last date return
    and payment are due.

    Users are informed that where a return with tax payable is submitted on the last date on which it is due, it should be sent well before 15:00 hrs in order to allow banks to effect payment on the same day.

    We recommend that the return be sent at least 15 minutes before 15:00 hrs.

    Penalty and interest would apply where payment is received after the due date.

    MNS (01/01/2012)