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The Contributions Network Project, an initiative of the Ministry of Finance, is an online electronic platform for the submission of statutory tax returns and payment of taxes by corporate entities to the Mauritius Revenue Authority, as well as contributions to the Ministry of Social Security. It allows submissions with confidentiality and security, while eliminating paper returns/payments and travelling.

The following returns and corresponding taxes are submitted to the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

• Value Added Tax
• Pay As You Earn
• Corporate Tax (Companies, Banks, Insurance, Trusts)
• Tax Deduction at Source
• Passenger Fee
• Advanced Payment Scheme
• Gaming and Betting Tax
• Racing
• Return of Employees
• Insurance Premium
• Environment Protection Fee
• National Pension Fund
• National Solidarity Fund
• HRDC Contributions
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  • N_04072022 ; Notice to Tax Payers

    NPF/NSF Ceilings Applicable as from July 2022

    MRA (04/07/2022)

  • M_16062022    Notice to Tax Payers

    June 2022 Due Date

    Description Year/Month/Period Due date
    1 VAT
    TDS Monthly
    Passenger & Solidarity Fee
    May 2022 28-Jun-2022
    2 APS Quarter ended 31 March 2022 28-Jun-2022
    3 Corporate Tax Return Year ended 31 Dec 2021 28-Jun-2022

    MNS (16/06/2022)

  • M_10062022 ; Notice to Tax Payers

    PRGF PAST Services

    Please note that filing of PRGF Past services is now available.

    Please refer to PRGF Past Quick Steps for more detail on how to file PRGF Past returns

    PRGF Past Quick Steps, Specification and Sample CSV File

    PRGF Past Quick Steps (v1.0)

    PRGF Past Specification v1.0

    PRGF Past Sample CSV file (v1.0)

    PRGF Quick Steps, Specification and Sample CSV File

    PRGF Quick Steps (v1.1)

    PRGF Specification v1.0

    PRGF Sample CSV file (v1.0)

    Guide for Employers - Portable Retirement Gratuity Fund

    Due Date for May 2022:- 28 June 2022

    MNS Team

  • M_10122021 ; Notice to Tax Payers

    CSG Return November 2021

    Please note that CSG filing for period Nov 2021 is now available.

    In addition to CSG which is calculated on B.Salary, CSG is also calculated on cumulative EOY bonus paid to an employee during the year as from September 2021.

    Important Note: EOY bonus should be declared in the month when it is paid only.


    Both employer and employee share in respect of social contributions will now be calculated as from Nov 2021 for Public Sector Employees falling under PRB.

    CSG Specification and Sample CSV File - Applicable as from September 2021

    CSG Specification v3.0

    CSG Sample CSV file (v3)

    Due Date for November 2021:- 29 December 2021

    MNS Team

  • M_06122021    Notice to Tax Payers

    December 2021 Due Date

    Description Year/Month/Period Due date
    1 VAT
    Monthly TDS
    Passenger & Solidarity Fee
    November 2021 29-Dec-2021
    2 APS Quarter ended 30 September 2021 29-Dec-2021
    3 CTAX Return - With tax payable Year ended 30 June 2021 29-Dec-2021
    4 CTAX Return - Nil returns Year ended 30 June 2021 17-Jan-2022
    5 CTAX Return - Cases opted for 4th APS Year ended 30 June 2021 31-Jan-2022

    MNS (06/12/2021)



    MNS (03/05/2021)

  • M_11082020 ; Notice to Tax Payers

    We wish to inform you that HRDC levy is calculated at 1% on Total wage bill irrespective of salary as from Jul 2020 up to Jun 2021.

    Kindly ensure that levy is correctly calculated before submitting your return.

    In case of any discrepancies, please send a mail to helpdesk@mns.mu providing details such as TAN and ERN number.

    MNS (11 August 2020)

  • M_26042017 ; Notice to Tax Payers

    ADHOC PAYMENT (New service)

    Where a company, registered for e-filing at MNS, has submitted a return for a year of assessment and thereafter submits an amended return on MRA Eservices for the same year of assessment amending the previous return, any additional payment due as a result of the amended return, may be effected using the Adhoc Payment Facility provided on MNS website. The taxpayer should use the 'Payment Reference Number' provided in the acknowledgement message from MRA Eservices.

    Adhoc Payment Guidelines

    MNS (26/04/2017)

  • M_03062015 ; Notice to Tax Payers

    APS and CTX deadlines

    Further to Finance Act 2015, the following changes have been brought to due dates pertaining to APS and Corporate Income Tax.

    a. Where the APS quarter ends in March, the due date for submission of the APS Statement and payment of Tax shall be 2 days, excluding Saturdays and public holidays , before the end of June

    Corporate Tax
    b. Where the accounting period ends in the month of December, the due date for the Submission of the return and payment of tax shall be 2 days, excluding Saturdays and public holidays, before the end of June

    MNS (03/06/2015)